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Ingrown Hair Treatment for intimate area. Can be applied in treatment room right after wax service and home care product.
Apply with Q-tip not hands which may transfer bacteria to the infected area.
Can be used for those who prefer shaving and not wax the bikini area.
Men can use while shaving their face to prevent Ingrown Hair and treat the area all at once.
Anyone can use on their face or body.



Calm Serum is 100% all natural scent free post wax for all skin types. Used after waxing, sugaring or threading. The serum is quickly absorbed by the skin calming redness and minor irritation. Reduces pain and inflammation.
Safe for Cancer Patients and Babies



A double exfoliating product made from natural ingredients. Chemical and manual exfoliation provides an effective method to treat ingrowns, keratosis pilaris, and body acne.



Home Care Kit for the ( Bikini Area / Underarms) Any area of the body (elbows, knees, inner thighs) except the Labia.

Additional:The Pro Kit is also available for a in service treatment performed by Esthetician. This service comes with 6 sessions that’s more aggressive for those with darker hyperpigmentation issues. Pair this with the home care kit.

Can be used alone for other areas of the body that have hyperpigmentation such as neck, elbows, knees, inner thighs, bikini mound, inner thigh area, butt cheeks/ butt crack area, etc.
Use also as a liquid exfoliant and conditions skin in the Bikini area.



1oz Tube. Place on your skin 45min before your appointment. Do not rub in like lotion. Product is water base and not greasy. It won’t ruin your clothes. No plastic Saran wrap needed. Avoid the labia area (inner).
FDA Approved. 20% Benzocaine.



Can be used anywhere on the entire body.
Natural healing ingredients: Shea Butter, Beeswax, lavender essential oils and comfort root for inflammation.

Apply immediately after waxing, chemical peels, threading, sun burn, chaffing, Baby diaper rash, cuts, after surgery to heal area, eczema, psoriasis, broken skin, and bug bites.

Also referred as “ Sex Balm”…activity right after waxing should not take place but if it does use Ouch Balm as a buffer for your skin.



Used for the intimate areas. This All Natural with no acidic ingredients. Product will help with PH balance to the area. The Personal Bar cuts back any bacteria and Ingrown issues. Will not dry out your skin like body wash or intimidate wash products do!!! You will see results with one use.

Perfect for the most sensitive and intimate areas. Gentle enough for babies, children, and teenagers.



Hyperpigmentation  treatment (Dark Skin) for the Bikini area. This 6 service series is applied every 2wks by Esthetician in the treatment room.
Treat hyperpigmentation in the Underarm area also if needed.
Within the six week treatment ( 1) Wax maintenance service is include.

This treatment is accompanied by home care product for best results. Which are the Illuminating Enzyme Scrub and Illuminating Brightening Serum w/AHA & BHA. These products are included in the price.



Stay relaxed through the toughest procedures. Great for Waxing, Tattoo, or Microblading. FDA Approved. 5% Lidocaine.

Place on skin 1hr-45min before your wax service. Put Saran Wrap over the skin. Leave it on until you arrive. Do not rub into skin too much, let it do it’s thing.