Professional Makeup Services

Flawless Beauty $80

Skin Prep, Foundation (liquid or Cream), Highlighting certain areas of the face if desired with Contour, or natural application. Along with Brows, Natural or Soft Eyeshadow look, Strip Lash, Blush, and Lip Color

Step Out the Box Bling!! $100

Skin Prep, Full Coverage Application, Detailed Eyeshadow application which includes Cut Crease/Glitter, Highlight Face with Contouring, Blush, Strip Lash, and Lip Color

Basically Flawless (Natural) $65

Skin Prep, Natural application of Foundation Color, Brows, Soft Eyeshadow application, Blush, and Lip Color (No Lash Strip)

Eyes Only $40

For those who don’t desire foundation on their face but brow fill-in, soft/ basic eyeshadow look with eyeliner only and natural strip lash.


Luxury Bridal Application $140 (On-site Location)

Your Wedding Day look will be customized to your liking. I do recommend a Trial Run (Preview) scheduled ahead of time if you are available (additional fee). Your face will be prepped with products for your skin type, hydration, and eye pads for moisture to this area. The skin in this area is thinner and typically needs more attention!  Your Makeup application will be heat and waterproof using liquid or cream foundation to ensure longevity. Then onto Eyeshadow with a soft design, cut crease or with glitter. Your face can have a natural glow, matte finish, or full coverage ( your preference). Lastly finishing it up with highlight/ contour ( if desired) and blush. Now we apply Mink or a Natural Lash Strip, Lip Color with some given to you for touch up later. 2 – 2 1/2hrs.

TRAVEL FEE: For Charleston County area only $60 round trip. Outside this area is an additional $1.00 per mile. Any paid parking is the responsibility of the Bride to pay.

Mother of Bride and Mother In-Law  $75            Bridemaid  $75       Flower Girl (Free)          Teen Hosts 13-16yoa $55 (No Strip Lashes) –   45 minutes each


Bridal Additional Services

Lead Makeup Artist will attend your wedding to perform Touch-up services after the wedding ceremony for pictures at the ceremony location in Charleston County. The additional time 1-2hrs $150. More time is available if desired for the reception we can talk about it. If I have already traveled outside of the county for makeup application and the ceremony is in the immediate area no additional fee will be added.

Wax Services

I am a Licensed Esthetician in which I am a Full Body Waxer (Brazilian). I also specialize in Brow Wax and Tint. Home care products are available at my studio for purchase to ensure healthy skin and address any existing issues such as Ingrown Hairs and Hyperpigmentation of the skin. Other Spa type services are available. Book a Consultation if your uncertain. Check the Wax Service Menu for pricing.

Bridal Preview Session $100

This service is done at the salon. During our time together we would have already discussed the look you are desiring. If your wedding has a theme, your dress, jewelry accessories, and hair style all needs to be cohesive tell your story.  We will share ideas and pictures to bring it all together. This will be the time to see exactly what your look will be for your special day! Our Session can be used for the day of your Bridal Portraits at no additional cost.  2-3hrs.

Pageant or Competition Makeup $100

Makeup application will be heat and waterproof using liquid or cream foundation. We start with Skin Prep addressing the under eye area, face hydration, and products to ensure lasting wear. Then onto Eyeshadow soft design, cut crease, or with glitter. Your face can have a natural glow, matte finish, or full coverage. Lastly finishing it up with highlight/ contour ( if desired) and blush. Now we apply Mink or a Natural Lash Strip, Lip Color and some given to you for touch up later. Travel fee is an additional $40 for the Charleston County area. You will be responsible for paid parking. I do travel out of town for competitions.

Girl’s Night Out!! $80 each

On-site at your location with a minimum of 3 Ladies I will travel. Travel fee is reduced to $60 which covers everyone. Makeup Application for each whether Flawless Beauty or Basically Flawless. The set price for all no matter which application look applied. If Glitter or Cut Crease is desired there is a $10 additional charge. Travel outside the Charleston County area additional $20 per person for Berkeley and Dorchester County. Paid parking fee will have to be included in the cost for each. If your party consists of only 2 Ladies the travel fee of $18 each is required (Charleston County). Minimum deposit of $25 to secure the date required for each. (Invoice sent)

Master Your Face Education (One on One) $200

(Basic Application) For 2 to 2 1/2 hrs In the comfort of your home you will learn how to master your makeup application. Pull out your makeup bag and I will bring some of mine so we can have fun! You will be emailed ahead of time an essential product list and my recommendations. From skin prep to natural or full glam with all the works! Travel fee is included in the price. Additional guests are not allowed to sit and watch. Group Classes are available at the same price each (3hrs).

Advance Makeup Classes $325 3hrs.

This for aspiring Artists wanting to build their business as a Makeup Artist in the Beauty Industry. Learn Basic to Advance application. We will not only tweek your makeup application technique but also cover set up, sanitation practices, pro product recommendations, vendor information, contracts, social media, and so much more!