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Herbal Slimming Tea (24 bags)

Herbal Slimming Tea (24 bags)

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24 bags
Do you need a Extreme detox?
My clients really love this product for a last minute detox to squeeze into their wedding dress get those extra pounds off for vacation or just detox your body.

Energybolizer Perfect Weight™ @ SE Brows&Beauty  is a product for losing weight in the form of a tea. It is a combination of Various Herbal Teas including from the Amazons. It can help you lose weight, increase metabolic energy, clean and support the entire digestive system and reduce inflammation.

Among it's ingredients are:

-Green Tea
-Garcinia Cambogia
-Hoodia Gordonii
-Chromium Picolinate
-Malva Leaf
-Licorice Root
-Orange Peel Extract

The tea should be taken once a day before going to sleep. Please drink a gallon of water to detox properly. I personally suggest that you stay away from greasy foods when taking the product. 
Benefits: Helps preserve skin Collagen, Antioxidant/Anti-Inflammatory, Reduces muscle pain from intense work outs, Help with arthritis/joint pain, Boosts the Lymphatic System, Promotes Blood Circulation, and used for Post Op Care.


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