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4-Holistic 1 Body Parts Ice Sculpting

4-Holistic 1 Body Parts Ice Sculpting

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Sculptice® is a non-invasive yet increase body treatment performed with a combination of metal therapy tools and a frozen block of organic herbs, essential oils, and tonics that promotes your natural thermogenesis. This process allows for the dissolution of unwanted cellulite and fat deposits in the body. This treatment is for one area (abdominal, full back, arms, legs, & butt). Results vary. Recommended 4 to 12 sessions depending on Body mass.
Other modalities are used if necessary to achieve our goal.

Package includes 8oz Jar with 1 choice to pick from:Slimming Gel, Detox Mud, or Sweet Sweat Cream, Measurement Tape, and Dry Brush. Downloaded Food Choice Guide and Smoothie Recipes. 
40 minutes


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