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Facial in a Box

Facial in a Box

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Sonia Elliott Brows & Beauty thanks you for supporting local businesses like mine.

This is your Spa Experience in the comfort of your home. Contents are : Supply bag, Headband, Facial Sponge, Collagen Face Mask, Collagen and Hyaluronic Eye patches, Skin Script Face Cleaning Kit, Black Peel Face Mask ( for oily skin), Facial Mask Brush, Jade Roller (refrigerate to cool temp.) Hand lotion, and Hand Sanitizer.

Instructions: dampen your face with warm water, using the facial sponge apply face cleanser in upward circular motions, rinse and repeat 2x, use toner to remove any left behind debris on the skin with a cotton ball or round, pat skin dry, apply with mask brush any of the two masks available. Allow to sit on the skin until they completely dry. Thoroughly rinse afterwards . Apply Moisturizer all over the face except under the eyes, apply the eye patches ( let them sit for 10min or longer). While the under eye patches are on use the cool temperature Jade Roller all over the face to help the moisture to penetrate deeper, roll over the eye area to help with puffy eyes. Now remove the eye patches. Your done! Your skin will feel clean and refreshed!!! The Collagen Face Mask can be used at your next cleansing without moisturize.


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